6 hours ago

Power through the rest of your water bottle and turn the A.C. up to Max Cool. What we’re about to tell you is going to make you schvitz just thinking about it, so we want you to be…prepared. You need to buy some corduroy, and you need to do it soon. Because the good stuff—the stuff that comes in colors like bottle blue and pale pink and looks like a gem you see hanging from the rafters of a vintage store with a sign that reads “Display Only”—is already on shelves, and it’s not going to stick around forever. Long story short: Corduroy was one of Fall 2017’s biggest runway trends, and designers have made it way, way cooler this time around. Today’s corduroy looks, like what John Boyega has on, above: modern, streamlined, maybe a little sporty, maybe a little swaggy, maybe a little minimalist. Basically, the opposite of the stuff you’d see your therapist or the gargoyle who taught your college history class wearing. Unless those gentlemen happened to be low-key style legends, that is.