When we talked to Satisfy Running founder Brian Partouche back in May about what separates his brand from sportswear giants like Nike and Adidas, he told us about his brand’s proprietary athletic fabric Technospacer. The material is special, he explained, because it holds air between its two layers, which provides insulation against the cold. Also, it feels incredible. These shorts feel unlike anything else we’ve ever worn—the fabric is denser than fleece, even though it’s lighter and thinner. As you might expect from a higher-end French label, they’re cut slimmer than every other short on this list (but still wider than a pair of skinny Saint Laurent jeans). But their double-layer tech makes these shorts perfect for colder days when you need to worry about keeping warm on the way to the gym, not just while you’re working out. These are also the only shorts on our list that boast Italian-made fabric, which certainly adds to the price you see on the tag. But as Partouche says, “We have a couture approach to the process of making running clothes.” That might sound like classic Parisian confidence, but Partouche—and his space-age, ultra-well-made shorts—has a point.