Yesterday, however, Bloom stepped up his excellent in-transit style game with an unexpected accessory that, really, everyone should consider. No it wasn’t a pair of sick shoes or this season’s must-have bag, or a six-figure watch that you can’t afford but will definitely want. It was an unexpected choice but a good one nonetheless. What was it? Well, it was a puppy. Not just any puppy, of course, but the pup he shares with ex-girlfriend Katy Perry, Nugget, a four-legged friend so goddamned cute we can barely stand it. Bloom took a stroll through LAX in a pair of dark jeans, a 90’s-inspired color-blocked zip-up, his go-to shoes, Nike high-top sneakers, and some classic shades. However everything was pretty much overshadowed by the curly-haired friend he cradled in his arms — a dog that was even spotted hanging out with the illustrious Leonardo DiCaprio-led Pussy Posse a few days back in New York. A dog’s life indeed.