SSS World Corp is, in a sense, what could have been at Brioni. But the business model is entirely new—he’s partnered with 032c for help on production and management—and the positioning of the brand could be a genius maneuver. “We want to bring an edge of formality to streetwear,” O’Shea said when I met him early this morning at No Name hotel as he prepared looks with stylist and 032c fashion editor Marc Goehring for his guerrilla fashion show. “Familiarity but different. At the end of the day we don’t want to recreate the wheel, we just want to make it more interesting.” His plan is to build a collection that combines high tailoring with streetwear sensibilities, with prices closer to a brand like Supreme. (Shirts for less than $200, suits under $1,000.) The first drop is in October, and some twenty stores across the globe have already bought in, including Selfridges, Maxfield, Ssense, The Webster, Slam Jam, and more. It’s a rare and enticing move for a brand with a big-name creative head. The secret, according to O’Shea is knowing where to save on costs (something he learned at My Theresa) while focusing on the feel of the fabrics and the fit of the garments, rather than expensive materials and constructions.